12 July 2004

Science on Crack?

There's a theory of extradimensionality that holds that there are parallel universes as little as a mere .1 mm away from our own, but owing to the dimensions of our own universe (that is to say, it is folded over on itself like a sort of endless ribbon - think "tesseract" from "A Wrinkle in Time"), we are billions of light-years away from the next nearest universe, as the crow flies. (The "crow", in this case, would be light and matter. Think Brandon Lee.)

Gravity, on the other hand, can cut through the fabric of the universe, avoiding the circuitous route for a more direct approach. (It is speculated that this is the reason gravity appears to be a relatively weak force, much weaker than it should by all rights be.)

Travel between dimensions, then, must rely on using gravitons in some manner, and in order to migrate between dimensions you must necessarily leave your physical being behind. And what can generate the force of gravity needed to pull somebody from one dimension to another? A singularity? A short-lived black hole? Some sort of mental energy?

It's a fascinating concept. But then, you've been there... you already know all about it.


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